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Cardan shafts need alignment, often complex

When we think about what causes misalignment, cardan shafts are often overlooked. When they are present in a mechanical arrangement, maintenance can be quite difficult due to their size, design,…

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Keeping your machinery in line with laser alignment

A significant portion of a vessel’s mechanical issues can be traced to misalignment. Chances are, a vessel’s machinery has or will be out of alignment at one point during the…

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Before splashing after refit, check on documents, spares

As a yard period comes to a close, everyone is eager to wrap up and splash. But before leaving, there are crucial items that should be considered that will give…

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Think of hull, running gear, mounts in spring yard time

All too often, the yachting industry can be too focused on keeping up appearances. That’s not to say that some of the more cosmetic maintenance of a yacht isn’t important,…

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Catch leaky seal problem before it gets too big

As part of a mechanical engineering services company, we get a lot of common service calls. One of the most popular has to do with leaking seals. Water coming into…

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