Why do yachts make a big deal about how a bed is made?

Why do stews and yachts make such a big deal about how a bed is made? Well, apparently, a properly made bed is a matter of discipline. It helps to…

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From the Bridge: Yacht accidents leave a mark on captains’ careers

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By Dorie Cox Yacht captains often are fired after the yacht they run is involved in a crash, fire or sinking. At this month’s Triton From the Bridge luncheon, we…

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From the Bridge: Boat shows give captains chance to see, fix things

With the world’s largest boat show set to kick off this month in Ft. Lauderdale, we asked eight captains gathered for our monthly Bridge luncheon what they think of boat…

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Danny’s Black Burger Buns

Yacht Chef Extraordinaire Danny Davies came up with this hit recipe for black buns when stewmates suggested activated charcoal might boost their COVID-fighting immunity.

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