COVID creates new crew role: Risk assessment

As gangways reopen to larger gatherings and yachts adapt globally to what events look like in a post-COVID world, crew find themselves adding another hat to their wardrobes: the COVID risk assessment team.

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Disrupted supply chain means shortages, delays, higher costs

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From engine parts to flowers, the goods that keep the yacht industry afloat are short on supply and long in coming — ripple effects from the production shutdowns and shipping delays due to COVID-19.

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How do you know when you are ready to be a chief stew?

You may think you know the ropes, but there is more to consider. Do you have experience on the boat? Are you mentally prepared for the responsibility and stress? Do you have a leadership strategy?

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For a perfectly tailored charter, first tailor the preference sheet to the yacht

Have your charter broker send you a copy of what they send out to clients. Do this not only to please your guests, but also to keep from disappointing them. Those are two entirely different things.

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The Joyous Fizz: Champagne cocktail recipes

When guests return tired from shore excursions, don’t be Cinderella just waiting on them. Be the Fairy Godmother with your magic wand, and delight them with joyous fizz!

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Stew Cues: Just starting out? Take time to invest in yourself

It’s that time of year again. Boats are returning to Fort Lauderdale after the summer season and prepping for the next round. November to April is the winter season, and…

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