Taking the Helm

Don’t motivate your crew RESPECT them instead

There seems to be a lot of talk nowadays about motivating crew to get the most out of them. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion about what exactly motivation…

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Difference between leaders and managers

It is common to hear the terms management and leadership used interchangeably, as though they mean the same thing.   Let’s crush that myth right now: leadership and management are not…

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Having a title does not make you a leader

Congratulations. You have just been promoted to bosun, chief stew, captain or some other supervisory position. Now what?     Before you focus exclusively on what you have to do…

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Leadership on yachts evolving for captains and crew

There is a term in psychology called the “above-average effect”, which states that we generally view ourselves in a more positive way than others may view us. In other words,…

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