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Shut Down and Stranded: Pandemic realities for those Who Work at Sea:

Delays, cancellations, restrictions, closures, quarantines, and last-minute changes have become the norm in the past 18 months. For crew, the fallout has been immense.

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Maritime Regulations No Guarantee Against Local Pandemic Restrictions

On almost a daily basis, new rules are implemented or existing rules are modified with little to no notice, creating chaos for crew and endless problems for itinerary planning, owner’s use, and charters.

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Tips to Stay as Healthy as Possible When Traveling To and From the Yacht

Don’t forget, because of Covid-19, countries are changing their entry requirements more frequently. This means travelers should always check often for changes in international travel requirements.

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Circumnavigation dreams stuck in COVID doldrums

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For many new yacht owners, the vision of the future aboard their yacht is tied to a dream. For one such owner, the clock is ticking. Will the dream deferred become the dream lost, yet another victim of the COVID nightmare?

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