Get some class, network with Maritime Professional Training

Oct 1, 2012 by Triton Staff

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Join us for networking with Maritime Professional Training (MPT) on Oct. 3 from 6-8 p.m. at 1915 S. Andrews Ave. in Ft. Lauderdale. There will be music and food, a raffle for two $500 certificates and the chance to meet instructors and staff.


Until then, get to know a little more about MPT from Amy Beavers, vice president of student administration.


Q. What is most important for students to know about Maritime Professional Training?
MPT has been training yachting professionals and enthusiasts of all nationalities, as well as commercial mariners, since 1983, nearly 30 years. During this time we have developed a reputation for having knowledgeable, honest, career counselors, and caring, success-oriented faculty members. And we’re known for having courses that are designed to be cost and time efficient for our students to meet and exceed their expectations.


Q. Should students take classes before they break into yachting or after they have given it a try?
BOTH. There are basic classes everyone should have before trying to get a job on a yacht and then there are specialized courses to take throughout their career.
Trying to get a job with no classes would be like going to a hospital without a nursing degree. Saying, “I will work for a while and if I like it I will go back to school” just isn’t a good way to get hired. Also, there would not be much you were qualified to do.
If someone is new to the industry they should figure on one to three weeks of training to get into their position. One week of STCW Basic Safety, one week of a superyacht crew style introduction course and then a third week of specialized training for the deck or interior or engineering departments so they know: 1) safety and survival 2) what working on a yacht is all about and the unique aspects of working in this environment, and finally 3) they have some job related training in the department they will be working in.
This is actually a much smaller investment of time and training than most shore-based jobs with similar entry level salary ranges. So not a bad deal. It also makes crew stand out from the thousands of other resumes.


Q. How can students understand which courses are important for them to take?
MPT offers free career counseling to evaluate each student’s background and experience to help them determine where to start, which classes would benefit them the most and help with their short- and long-term career goals.


Q. Tell us about your accreditation from The Nautical Institute as a Dynamic Positioning (DP) training facility.
MPT recently completed a brand new classroom and practical lab for Dynamic Positioning operator training. The NI sets the standards internationally for DP regulations and courses. MPT joins a handful of schools globally, and fewer within the United States, that have received this prestigious accreditation. MPT is actually the only privately owned school on the U.S. east coast that provides this training.


Q. What happened with your visual projection systems of the main bridge located at the S.M.A.R.T. (Simulation for Maritime Assessment, Research and Training) campus in Ft. Lauderdale?
The main bridge at the MPT SMART campus recently went through a massive visual upgrade which included new software and extensive hardware enhancements. The new projection system is designed to render a three-dimensional image so bright and lifelike, you better bring your shades.
The new projection system brings a level of realism to simulation that is amazing; that visual realism combined with the incredibly accurate modeling of the vessels and environment really help our students experience the training, not just complete it.


Q. What is your most popular class?
Most popular in terms of numbers of students would be STCW Basic Safety Training, but our absolute favorites are the following: advanced medical classes, advanced fire-fighting, dynamic positioning, shiphandling on the simulator, yachtmaster practical training on the MPT boats and approved engine courses.


Q. How did the people at the front desk get so smart?
Flattery will get you anything….. We work very hard to train our staff on a continual basis. We are heavily engaged in regulatory meetings and endeavor to read everything we can and then share it with the staff and faculty in ways that will most help our students meet their career goals.


Q. Do you have a mascot?
We have been trying to come up with a mascot for years. Maybe we could have a contest and someone in the yachting industry could help pick our mascot?


Q. Who is your most famous student?
Oh, we never kiss and tell…….


Q. Do you use social media?
MPT has a Facebook page and we welcome input from our students and staff. We also answer over 200 email inquiries a day from interested students who have questions on just about anything in the industry. But, call us old school, we still love the personal touch with our students.


Q. Why don’t you buy that empty Walgreens, or whatever it was, on the corner of Andrews and 17th St.? And put in something fun like a swimming pool, roller rink, or a climbing wall?
I will have to share that idea, sounds good to me.

MPT is located north of State Road 84 on South Andrews Avenue. For more information, visit or call +1 954-525-1014.