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Marine companies announce tech news


Navtor offers AVCS

Navtor has made an agreement with the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) to include Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS) on the Navtor NavStick USB device. The deal includes all Admiralty digital publications.

“This is a major step forward for the industry, and a brand new distribution model,” Navtor business and communication manager Willy Zeiler said. “The NavStick USB device gives mariners access to global AVCS coverage and all licences for predefined operation areas. Installation onto the ship’s ECDIS is simple, while Navtor’s online program NavSync allows the user to retrieve AVCS updates with just a few clicks when the NavStick is connected to the bridge computer.”

“We’re delighted to join forces with the UKHO and be able to offer official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) from the world leader in nautical chart supply,” said Tor A. Svanes, the company’s managing director and previous founder of C-Map Norway. “I am confident that this new approach to distribution will have a major impact in simplifying ENC handling for the mariner.”

The IMO’s ECDIS mandate requires all registered vessels to use ENCs as their prime navigation charts. This mandate came into operation last year, with a need to comply with regulations by 2018.


Seakeeper extends warranty

Maryland-based Seakeeper now offers an extension of its base 2-year/2,000-hour warranty on all gyro stabilization systems. New customers can extend the warranty to unlimited hours or can choose 3 years/3,000 hours.

Actively controlled Seakeeper gyro stabilization systems mount within the hull and produce righting forces to eliminate resonant boat roll by up to 95 percent. For more information, visit

Systems cut mold, smell

Florida-based Clean Air Flo has launched several new ventilation systems designed to eliminate below deck odors and to control moisture and mildew marine vessels.

The continuous duty systems include two 110V and three 230V systems, and use marine-certified in-line blower motor and an intake manifold that allow multiple vacuum ventilation lines to be run throughout the vessel.

The in-line blower is mounted and the overboard exhaust hose is run to an existing or newly added vent. The vacuum ventilation lines are then run to all problem areas.

For more information, visit

Lumotics offers LED driver

UK-based Lumotics Marine has introduced a stand-alone universal driver unit for basic LED lighting systems to regulate the current for individual light fittings, creating flicker-free dimming LED lights.

The driver is an alternative to built-in drivers that can be prone to overheating and is designed for use for basic dimming in bridge, crew quarters, engine room and other working zones. The driver is generally used in conjunction with Lumotics’ Switch Magic 0-10v controller, which has four output channels to operate up to 20 drivers via standard momentary switches.

For more information, visit

ABS releases scrubber advisory

Class society ABS has released an advisory to help assess the use of exhaust gas scrubber systems to meet environmental requirements.

As low sulfur fuel requirements increase, scrubber systems, use of low sulfur fuels and use of alternative fuels are options available to address requirements.

“This advisory highlights the relevant regulatory and technical considerations that should be taken into account when making decisions on how to comply with emissions requirements,” said Howard Fireman, ABS vice president for operational and environmental performance. “The first step toward compliance is to develop a thorough understanding of regulations and then review available technologies. The advisory has been developed specifically for that process.”

Download the advisory at the ABS Web site, Click on “newsroom”.

Wilson launches cell booster kit

Utah-based Wilson Electronics has developed a signal booster kit that improves cellular coverage for boaters near land.

During Hurricane Irene in 2011, a vessel equipped with the cellular signal booster was able to maintain cell phone contact as the eye of the hurricane passed 12 miles of their position, according to a company press release. The cell signal from a nearby island was not sufficient for voice calls, but with the signal booster the crew was able to send and receive

text messages and get weather updates by text. The crew relayed, via two-way radio, to other ships in the area.

The booster complies with FCC regulations for cellular devices and employs techniques that prevent interference with nearby cell towers. For more information, visit

CA Clase distributes GOST in UK

Ft. Lauderdale-based GOST (Global Ocean Security Technologies) of the United States has appointed CA Clase as distributor for its marine security, monitoring, tracking and surveillance systems in the United Kingdom.

CA Clase is a distributor of communication, navigation and entertainment electronics. For more information, visit In the UK, call CA Clase at (0) 845 2600 620.

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