Match the Method to the Mate

Jan 25, 2022 by Carla Annas

Match the Method to the Mate

Different people learn differently — for the best results, make sure you know the best way to train each individual on your team.

Carla Annas

As chief stew, it is important to train the other stews in such a fashion that you are assured an efficient and dedicated team. Because different people learn things differently, you need to take the time to determine which method is best for each stew. There are two main types of training — namely, list format and learning by example.

To train those who function better with a list, it is important to clearly read through the list with the stew and explain any questions they might have. It is even easier if your list has been organised in such a way that they can work from top to bottom. Spend time ensuring they understand each item, and get them to tick off each job as it is completed.

It is very easy for people to misunderstand, so it is beneficial to ask them to explain the job to you; that way you know they have understood. When you check on their work, you can easily follow their progress from where they are on the list.

For those stews who learn by example, I still recommend giving them a list and asking them to tick it off as each job is completed. However, you will need to do the job with them the first and perhaps second time, explaining what you are doing as you work. By doing this, they are able to mirror you and understand what is required from them.

How do you determine which stew needs which method? The simplest solution is merely to ask the stew directly. Often, for the best results, I combine the above two methods. This leaves no room for error, and I can rest assured knowing that what has been taught has been understood and will be executed.

Chief Stew Carla Annas has been in yachting for nine years. She currently works on a 65m private/charter motor yacht.