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Patricia Clark is a chef and guest writer for Triton News.

Game changers in baking

Easy-to-use décor mats transform a simple dish into art. Many of us have seen the amazing entremet work by chefs such as Cédric Grolet, Antonio Bachour and the incredible Dinara…

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Fresh Catch 101

Here’s a primer for deckhands on how to best prep fish for a happy chef. So, your guest just caught a fish and proudly hands it to you. Now what?…

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Gifts from the Galley

Make that send-off swag bag for charter guests extraordinary by adding a little something from the chef. We know the chief stew likes to put together a nice send-off swag…

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Galley Playlist

Galley Playlist Galley days are long days and music always makes it better. The right song encourages me to keep going, helps me stay calm under pressure, creates a shared…

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